Laws and regulations

As for every airport in the Netherlands, the Minister for Infrastructure and the Environment has also issued a designation (= operations permit) for Rotterdam The Hague Airport, in which the rules for the use of the airport are established. In the designation order, the night regulations are described and noise zoning is established that determines the number of flights as well as flight paths and tolerance areas. In the designation, there is no fixed limit set for the number of flights at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. That limit is in fact determined by the noise zoning. The basis for the permit on which Rotterdam The Hague Airport is currently operated was established in the early nineties. The designation for Rotterdam The Hague Airport, however, was not granted until 2001. This finally ended a years-long political discussion about the future of the airport. Rotterdam The Hague Airport may remain at its current location, that is to say, ideally located in the heart of the southwest Netherlands, for the coming 100 years. The designation, with alterations and maps, can be consulted on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. At the end of 2017 there will be a new aviation policy for Rotterdam The Hague Airport. During coming periode all involved parties will deliberate in order to find a new balance for our airport.