Rotterdam The Hague Airport has the ambition of being the best regional airport in the Netherlands and being among the best of its kind on the European level.

Government designation

A designation in which, on the one hand, the (current) operational capabilities are described in form and scope and which on the other hand – as a counterpoint – simultaneously states the environmental terms and conditions is currently (per 31 October 2001) a given. The creation of such a designation forms, despite the disadvantages bound to it in the form of limitations of the operational capabilities, an important contribution to the continuity of the business operations.

Airport operation

A large number of the critical preconditions for being able to realise the formulated enterprise goals have currently been amply met, including the fact that the (future) operation of the airport at the current location is no longer the subject of debate and is firmly established. After nearly 30 years of uncertainty, the file (‘Closing Rotterdam Airport’) can be definitively closed. There have been agreements reached with the governments concerned, on the basis of which both the agreements concerning the right to operate and the acquisition (lease) of the location contract – for a period of 99 years – are concluded.

Political support

Another precondition for achieving the formulated enterprise goals is the further expansion of political-governmental support. The strengthening of market and economic support (within environmental limits), also formulated as a goal in alignment with this, has been accomplished and thus provides a firm foundation for further expansion of our activities in the coming years.

The government of the province of Zuid Holland has also abandoned its years-long policy focused on the closure of Rotterdam Airport. In the coalition agreement 2003-2007, as presented on 23 April 2003, the PvdA, CDA and VVD political parties stated (among other things) in this context: ‘Given the stagnant economy, the economic policy deserves extra attention in the coming period. This is needed in order to maintain employment and incomes. In this context, the position of Rotterdam The Hague Airport is important. The presence of a small flight field – primarily focused on business traffic – in the vicinity of Rotterdam and The Hague is a good thing.’