In the middle of society

Air traffic forms an indispensable connecting element in our modern society. On-going internationalisation and European immigration bring along an increasing demand for international mobility. The presence of Rotterdam The Hague Airport ensures that Rotterdam, The Hague and the surrounding regions are adequately connected with relevant European cities. This makes the airport an important factor for local-regional economic growth and thus for progress and work opportunities in the regions.
Rotterdam The Hague Airport thus stands in the middle of society.

Foto deelnemers vliegtuig nb

This picture was taken at the start of Project Startbaan 2015. This is an employability project for youth, organised in collaboration with the Police, the Royal Military Constabulary , Shipping and Transport College , Port of Rotterdam and the Municipality of Rotterdam.


Work opportunities

Rotterdam The Hague Airport offers, as the gateway to the southwest of the Netherlands, a very important transportation network that supports not only internationally oriented companies but also (government) institutions and organisations in their activities. The airport is thus an indispensable location factor that attracts international and high-quality business to our region. It thus delivers an important economic contribution in the form of the existence of and creation of new work opportunities. With some 2,500 direct labour positions, Rotterdam The Hague Airport is one of the largest employers in the southwest Netherlands. It is expected that with the further development of the business park and the hotel in the coming years, approximately 4,000 more labour positions will be created at the airport. The airport offers companies the opportunity to settle in the surrounding Businesspark, this results in more jobs for the region.