Security and passport information

When you fly from our airport, you go through the security check. It’s good to be well prepared. If you travel with hand luggage, it is advisable to check well in advance which items you are allowed to take with you in your hand luggage. You will always need a valid ID or passport as well.

Getting through the security checkpoint quickly? Check our tips!

  • All liquids and gels are limited to 100 ml and must be packed in a transparent 1-litre bag. At the request of the security staff, remove this bag from your hand luggage and put it in the tray.
  • If you carry medicines or baby food in your hand luggage, report this to the security staff. Then follow the instructions of the security staff.
  • Please note! Thermos flasks may only be carried if empty. You can fill these with hot water after the security checkpoint.
  • At the request of the security staff, take your laptop, tablet and other electronic equipment from your hand luggage and place these items separately and uncovered in the tray.
  • Take off your coat, cardigan, jacket and shoes (with the exception of trainers and flip-flops) and put them in a tray on the security conveyor belt.
  • Put your telephone, watch, jewellery, belt and all items from your pockets in your hand luggage beforehand.
  • Behind the security checkpoint there are tables where you can pack and put your things back on after you have been checked.
  • Always follow the instructions from the security staff
  • Please wear your face mask when you go through the security checkpoint

Passport information

You will always need a valid ID or passport when you travel abroad. In some cases, you also need other travel documents, such as a visa. You are advised to find out well in advance what is needed.

Please note! A driver’s licence is not acceptable as a valid travel documents at passport control.

More information about passport and ID card can be found on the government website.

Passport control at the airport
A large number of European countries have reached agreements to make travel across borders easier. Are you flying to a country within the Schengen area? If so, you don’t have to pass through passport control at the airport. See the updated list of Schengen countries.

If you travel to a non-Schengen country from our airport, you always have to pass through passport control. If you arrive in the Netherlands from a non-Schengen country, your passport has to be checked as well. Passport control at our airport is carried out by the Koninklijke Marechaussee (Royal Constabulary).

Passport lost or stolen?
In exceptional cases you can request an emergency passport from the Koninklijke Marechaussee at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. This is only possible if you meet a number of conditions.
For more information about the emergency passport, you can also go to the service and information centre of the Koninklijke Marechaussee. The service and information centre is located right next to the entrance of the airport building. The Koninklijke Marechaussee can also be reached on telephone number 0800-1814.