Service and information

Due to depart from our airport shortly? Here you can find more about our information desk, Silent Airport Policy and the services we offer for the disabled.

Information desk

The information desk is located in the central hall of our airport. Our information desk staff will gladly answer any questions about the amenities at the airport and about your trip. In addition, they are also happy to provide you with city information about Rotterdam and The Hague and public transport.

Opening hours:
Open daily from 07:00 until all queries of the last flight have been dealt with.

Silent Airport Policy

We are a “Silent Airport”, but what does this mean?
We do not make flight announcements at our airport. Passengers are requested to consult the flight information screens in the immediate vicinity (Silent Airport Policy).

The many announcements at our airport were considered a nuisance by both passengers and employees. In consultation with various parties, it was decided to discontinue the majority of the announcements. This means that we no longer make boarding calls and arriving flights are also no longer announced.

What is still being announced?
* Each half hour at .15 and .45 hour : Boarding calls are no longer made. Consult the screens for the correct flight information.
* Information regarding delays
* Passengers who may need to be called up.

Disabled persons 

We offer assistance to anyone who has difficulty moving around the airport independently and/or making use of the amenities. The staff of Aviapartner are available at the airport to assist you.

Do you need assistance at the airport? Please indicate this when booking your ticket or trip. Your airline or travel agency will pass this information on to us. You can also simply ask for assistance directly from us. Please read below how you can arrange this.

Send an email to The following information is required: 

  • Your personal details
  • Your impairment/disability
  • Flight number and date of departure 
  • Expected arrival time at the airport 
  • How you get to the airport
  • If applicable, mobile number and details of your wheelchair 

We will ensure that assistance will be arranged for you in cooperation with Aviapartner. This is always done in close consultation with the airline you fly with. 

You will also find special information columns in front of the entrance to the airport building, where you can ask for assistance.

Please note! If assistance is not requested or is requested late, regulation provides that the airport will only make a reasonable effort to provide the assistance in accordance with the quality requirements. This means that the airport cannot be held responsible if the passenger does not arrive at the aeroplane on time.

Are you returning to our airport from your destination? If so, you can also ask for assistance. You are kindly requested to indicate this when booking your ticket or trip. Your airline or travel agency will pass this information on to us. In this case, Aviapartner will be informed by the airline you are using, so that assistance can also be provided upon your return to the airport. 

Facilities at the airport for disabled persons
The most important facilities at our airport are located on the ground floor. Equipped with automatic doors, elevators, lowered kerbs, disabled parking bays and adapted toilets, the airport is easily accessible for disabled persons. Toilets for disabled persons are available both before and after the security check and are freely accessible to you. These are clearly signposted, otherwise our airport staff will be happy to give you directions.

Parking for disabled persons: what are the possibilities?
Do you have a disability parking card? Then you can park your car on the P2 parking area. The P2 parking area is located directly in front of the airport building. Parking bays for the disabled on this parking lot can be recognised by the international Symbol of Access. You are kindly requested to display the disability parking card behind the windscreen of your vehicle when you use a disabled parking space. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve a disabled parking space. 

Parking fees
You have to pay the regular parking rate (of P1, P1a and P3). When you return to the airport, you can pay at the information counter in the central hall of the airport building upon presentation of your parking card, boarding pass and disability parking card. 

Assistance from your parking bay 
If you need assistance from your parking bay and you have not requested this beforehand, you can do so before entering the parking area via the intercom of the parking ticket dispenser where you get your parking ticket.

Do you have any questions? Please phone us at (0)10 446 34 44 or send an email to