Before departure

Are you departing from our airport soon? We are happy to give you important information and some tips for your departure and a successful journey.


Check-in at Rotterdam The Hague Airport can be done in several ways. The fastest way is to check in online at home. It is also possible to check in at the airport.

Check in online at home 
Most airlines offer you the option to check in online, choose your own seat and download your (mobile) boarding pass yourself. When you have downloaded or printed your boarding pass and you are travelling with only hand luggage, you don’t have to go to the check-in desks. You can go directly to security and then to your gate.

Checking in at the airport
You can check in at one of the check-in desks at the airport. How far in advance you can do this depends on the airline you are flying with. Always make sure you have your passport or identity card at hand. Have you already checked in online, but do you still need to check in luggage? Then you can use Scan & Fly. This allows you to check in your luggage yourself easily.

Please note! Scan & Fly can currently only be used when you fly with Transavia. Scan & Fly is also only available if more than three flights depart at the same time.

Luggage rules 

Be well prepared for your trip and read the luggage rules of your airline before departure. The rules may differ per airline. The luggage is divided into two types: hand luggage and checked luggage.

You take hand luggage with you on the plane and keep it with you during the flight. Hand luggage must meet certain dimensions so that it fits in the overhead luggage compartment or under the seat on the plane.

You can hand in checked luggage at the check-in desks at the airport. The luggage is then loaded into the hold of the aircraft by the handler.

Hand luggage rules

What is allowed?

  • Liquids, gels, creams and pastes
  • Packs of max. 100 ml each
  • Together in a resealable, transparent bag of maximum 1 litre
  • One bag per person
  • Medicines, diet and baby food, possibly with a medical statement
  • Liquids purchased after security if sealed and with valid proof of purchase
  • Small file, scissors, tweezers, max. 6 cm
  • Cameras, tablets and laptops
  • Cheese and other types of food. Note: The regulations for liquids listed above also apply to liquid and spreadable cheese or food!

What is not allowed?
For safety reasons, you are not allowed to bring dangerous objects. See below for the list of items that are not allowed in your hand luggage.

  • You can take sharp objects and tools with you in your checked-in luggage.
  • Firearms and other objects that fire projectiles or that resemble them. E.g. toy gun that cannot be distinguished from the real thing.
  • Anaesthetic devices
  • Objects with a sharp point or edge that can cause serious injury
  • Blunt instruments
  • Explosives and flammable substances

Checked luggage rules 
Security allows almost anything in your checked luggage unless it is on the list of dangerous objects. If you are unsure whether you can take a particular item with you in your checked suitcase, please contact us.