Prepared for your trip

Are you soon to be traveling by plane from Rotterdam The Hague Airport? Then prepare well. Things are different to what you may be used to.  A number of new rules apply at the airport and on the plane. In this way, together with the airlines, we want to prevent the corona virus from spreading among our passengers and employees. Before you go, read everything you need to know about these new rules. You can find this information in your travel documents, on your airline’s website, here and on:

We have some basic rules governing everything at and around our airport. These are:

  • Keep 1.5 metres distance
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • Use clean paper tissues
  • Stay at home if you are not feeling well
  • Wear non-medical face masks (from 13 years of age), bring enough with you for your trip
  • Make sure you have a current health declaration with you (download the form at the bottom of this page)

Facemasks and health declaration
We ask everyone from 13 years of age to wear a face mask. If you do not have a face mask with you, you will not be allowed to enter the airport and you will be required to obtain a non-medical face mask for yourself. A face mask should be replaced by a clean one after a maximum of 4 hours so ensure that you take sufficient masks for your trip with you. During passport control we ask you to briefly take off the mask. You may be requested to show a health declaration. Fill this in, print it and take it with your travel documents. Without this health declaration, you cannot access the terminal and the aircraft.

Arrival in the Netherlands
The government has drawn up a checklist that is useful for your return trip to the Netherlands. For other up-to-date information, you can also check the website of the government

We have made a video in order to show how flying currently is at our airport. View the video of safe and healthy flying on RTHA in English.

Download here relevant documents with new measures for safe and healthy flying

Information about your flight
Your airline has the latest information concerning (changed or cancelled) flights to and from the Netherlands to or from our airport. You will receive a personal message from your airline concerning any changes.

Frequently asked questions