Disabled Access

Do you have difficulty walking, poor sight/hearing or are you wheelchair-bound? The employees of Aviapartner are ready to assist you at the Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Aviapartner works closely with your airline. You can read below how anyone with limited ability can ask to be escorted at the airport.


If you need assictance, it is essential to report this in time. The EU Regulation stipulates that any assistance request needs to be registered at least 36 hours before departure. In concrete terms, this means that the passenger (via his or her travel agency, travel organization or tour operator) must inform the concerned airline at least 48 hours in advance. Make your wishes known to your travel agent or to the airline when booking your flight. You can also book the services easily and directly by sending an email to: rtm_ticketing@aviapartner.aero. In all cases, Aviapartner ensures that you get the right assistance at the right location and the right time. This is arranged in close consultation with the airline(s) with which you are flying.


Please note: In the case of late registration of an assistance request, or if the required assistance for the passenger concerned is not requested in advance, the regulation only stipulates that the airport will make a reasonable effort to provide the assistance in accordance with the quality requirements. This means that the airport cannot be held responsible if the passenger does not arrive in time to board the aircraft for his or her flight.

To request assistance

You must provide the following details via rtm_ticketing@aviapartner.aero : your personal details, the nature of your disability, flight number and date of departure, expected time of arrival at the airport, if possible your mobile phone number, your means of transport to the airport and, where appropriate, information concerning your own wheelchair.

Assistance with return

If you would also like assistance with your return journey to Rotterdam The Hague Airport, we kindly request you to indicate this when making your reservation and when you check in for your return flight. Aviapartner will then receive up-to-date information via the airline so that the correct assistance can be provided at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.


Where do I report at the airport?

You will be helped as soon as you have reported via one of the reporting pillars by the entrance/exit barriers of the parking lot. If needed, you will be escorted by an employee from airport services to the terminal.


Rotterdam The Hague Airport can refuse assistance if it appears that the requested assistance is wrong or unnecessary, for example, if a passenger only needs assistance due to having too much Luggage.

Medical devices

For the transport of medical attributes we advise you to contact the airline. The contact details can be found on our website.

Seeing-eye dogs

Seeing-eye dogs will in general be accepted without charge by the airline. We do advise that you contact your travel agency or airline about this in advance.



The most important amenities at Rotterdam The Hague Airport are located on the ground floor. With the use of automatic doors, lifts, lowered curbs, parking spaces for the disabled and modified toilet facilities, the airport is fully accessible for the disabled.

Toilet facilities

The toilet facilities for the disabled in the central and departure halls are equipped for your hygiene with a code lock. The information desk of Rotterdam The Hague Airport is happy to be of service in providing you with the code.

Parking for the disabled

On the side of the airport terminal, there are special parking spaces for vehicles with a disabled exemption, where you can park for a maximum of one hour, for example to get out of the car and to unload baggage. Thereafter, you can make use of the special parking spaces for the disabled available in the parking lots.

In parking lot P2, directly in front of the airport terminal, there are special parking spaces reserved for disabled passengers. We request that you place your disabled placard where it will be clearly visible behind the windscreen when you make use of these parking spaces. If the parking spaces for the disabled are occupied, then you can also park your car in another space in the lot. When returning from your journey, you can take advantage of the discounted long-term parking rate by showing your entry ticket, your airline ticket and your disabled placard at the information desk in the central hall.

In P1, P2, P3 and P7, there are special parking spaces for vehicles with a disabled exemption. These spaces are indicated with the international symbol for disabilities. The curbs in the parking lots and in front of the airport terminal are lowered.

Requesting assistance

Assistance at Rotterdam The Hague Airport can be requested in advance via Aviapartner: Telephone: +31 (0)10 238 27 01  E-mail: rtm_ticketing@aviapartner.aero  

Special requests during your flight must always be made by you in advance and directly from your airline.