Travel more sustainably!

Travel more sustainably: fly on sustainable kerosene
Will you be travelling by plane soon? Then fly on sustainable aviation fuel, or “SAF” for short! Rotterdam The Hague Airport, in cooperation with SkyNRG and CHOOOSE, is now offering the opportunity to purchase SAF through our new tool “Fly on SAF”. With 80% less CO2 emissions, SAF is a cleaner alternative to fossil kerosene. Enter your flight details into the tool and buy your SAF in a few easy steps!

*This tool is made possible in part by SkyNRG and CHOOOSE. If you make a transaction, you make this transaction at SkyNRG and CHOOOSE.

A cleaner alternative

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is made from sustainable materials, such as old frying fat and agricultural waste. It is not a fossil fuel, which means that CO2 emissions are significantly lower. By purchasing SAF for your flight, you can actively contribute to combating climate change. In addition, you stimulate the production of sustainable aviation fuel, so that even more people can travel in a more sustainable way. That benefits everyone, now and in the future.

Fly on SAF – how does it work?

The Fly on SAF tool works through the “Book & Claim” principle. And it works like this. Did you buy SAF? Rather than having to transport fuel to the aircraft, SAF is pumped into the aircraft near to a SAF production facility. The advantage of this is that the fuel does not need to be transported unnecessarily, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions and lower costs. And, greenhouse gas emissions are a global problem, so where the reduction in emissions happens doesn’t matter. This same principle is applied to green power, where the green power does not necessarily come from your outlet, but your energy supplier adds it to the entire grid on your behalf. By offering SAF through Fly on SAF, we want to contribute to accelerating and scaling up production, so that SAF can soon be refuelled at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

On the road to sustainable aviation

If future generations are to also be given the opportunity to discover the world, sustainable aviation is essential. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is a testing ground for innovation and aims to be one of the most sustainable airports in the world. The use of SAF is a good means of reducing aviation CO2 emissions in a relatively short period of time. Stimulating the market for SAF therefore fits well with Rotterdam The Hague Airport’s sustainability goals; reducing CO2 emissions to 2005 levels by 2030 and a CO2-neutral aviation by 2050. Will you help?   

Listen here to our RTHA podcast about: Our development with ‘Fly on SAF’

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