Rotterdam The Hague Airport is easily accessible by public transport. From Rotterdam Central Station or The Hague Central Station you can travel easily and quickly with metro line E to Rotterdam The Hague Airport. The bus stops right next to the departure hall.

Read more about the accessibility of the airport by public transport here.

We have Kiss & Ride strips close to the airport building. These are accessible for all persons dropping off or picking up travellers.

It is clearly indicated on the airport grounds how and where the Kiss & Ride strips can be reached. Below please find a map indicating where the Kiss & Ride strips are located.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is next to the A13 motorway and is indicated with signs on the Rotterdam Ring.  Check well before you come to the airport whether there are any road works on your route.

You will find the taxi stand directly in front of the exit from the airport terminal building.

For current schedules and the travel planner, see the website of RET

When you walk outdoors from the central hall, go immediately to your left. After 50 metres, you will find the bus stops. RET bus line 33 travels to Rotterdam Central Station  and to Metro Station Meijersplein. From Meijersplein station, you can get to Rotterdam Central Station via RandstadRail in 7 minutes, and to The Hague Central Station in 27 minutes.

In the central hall, you will find an automated cash machine between the AKO shop and the office of GWK Travelex. You can collect or exchange foreign currency at the office of GWK Travelex in the central hall of Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

You can change your baby in a special room behind the lift in the central hall, and after the security checkpoint, in a special room next to the Airportshop. In this space, there is also a microwave available for warming a bottle.

The opening times of the various restaurants, bars and shops, before and after the security checkpoint, differ.

Click here for the opening times. 

There are multiple toilet facilities in the airport terminal building, both in the central hall and in the departures and arrivals hall. All toilets can be used without charge and are clearly indicated with signage. There are also special wheelchair toilets available.

Yes, there is a prayer room at the airport. The prayer room is located on the first floor in the departure hall.

You can watch all aeroplanes from close-up and wave to arriving and departing passengers from the publicly accessible panoramic deck at restaurant De Horizon.

Please note: Due to the corona measures, the panoramic deck at restaurant De Horizon is only accessible for passengers and employees of the airport. 


The luggage trolleys are available. These are cleaned beforehand. There is also a possibility to disinfect the baggage carts themselves at the issuing point.

The luggage trolleys are available. These are cleaned beforehand. There is also a possibility to disinfect the baggage carts themselves at the issuing point.

Your vaping device or any other type of electronic cigarette (including spare batteries) is allowed in your hand luggage only. These items may not be carried in your hold luggage.

A number of strict rules apply to your (hand) luggage, for the safety of you and everyone else. This will be checked at the airport. You can find more information about this on the before departure page.

Your baggage will be handled with the greatest possible care. If upon arrival at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, it nevertheless appears that your baggage has not travelled with you, then report directly to the baggage services desk in the arrivals hall. For questions about your (lost) baggage, you can contact Aviapartner, telephone +31 (0)10 4463444.

For the conditions and costs for the transport of your bicycle, we advise you to contact your airline company.

The permissible amount, dimensions and the total weight of your (hand) luggage differs by airline company. Always check, in order to avoid problems at the airport, the baggage regulations in advance for the airline company with which you are flying. For more information, see the baggage regulations per airline.

You can reclaim damaged baggage from Aviapartner, desk 1 in the central hall, directly next to the security checkpoint.

It is always permitted to take along the baby food that may be needed for the duration of the journey in your hand luggage.

Yes, you must always have a valid and personal boarding pass with you when you go through the security checkpoint. The boarding pass will be printed out for you at the check-in desk, or take along the self-printed pass if you have checked in online.

The check-in desks for all flights are located in the central hall, and are opened two hours before the departure of a flight. Each airline company utilises its own times and procedures for checking in. Always check well in advance for the check-in times of the airline with which you are flying. If you report to the check-in desk too late, then you will no longer be accepted for the flight.

You are responsible for your own health. We assume that you have completed the health declaration honestly, are healthy and therefore allowed to travel.


Yes, restaurant ‘De Horizon’ is open daily from 09:00. The accompanying panorama terrace is also open. From here you have a beautiful view over the runway and you can see the arriving and departing aircrafts.

Yes, that is allowed. Those dropping off and picking up are also welcome in the terminal.

The GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond is currently present at P4 of Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Here you can also take a PCR test. It is necessary to make an appointment in advance. You can do this by telephone on 0800-1202 (reachable between 08.00-20.00) or 010 – 443 80 31 or through testvoorjereis.nl.

A negative test result is required when returning to the Netherlands for travelers 12 years and older. A vaccination or recovery certificate is also a valid corona certificate for entry. You can get tested for corona in your vacation country. A PCR test may be taken up to 48 hours before departure. An antigen test may be up to 24 hours old. For more information, see the website of the Dutch government.

You can show the negative test result by using the QR code on your phone or a paper proof.

Passengers are advised to keep their distance from check-in desk staff. Plexiglas screens have also been installed at the check-in counters. Also, the check-in staff wears gloves and they are provided with hygiene gel. When checking and handing over a passport or ID card, the advice is not to have physical contact with the passenger.

Security guards regularly perform body checks on passengers in our Central Security Filter (CSF). Here we comply with international standards and rules, and as regards the body check, government rules are complied with as much as possible to contain the corona virus.

The Dutch government requires you to go into quarantine for 10 days after arriving at the airport if you are traveling from a very high-risk area. This means that you will stay in your home or residence for 10 days and not go outside. You can check the Dutch government’s website for a list of countries and areas that have been designated as very high risk. Is the country or area you are traveling from on this list? Then you are required to go into quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in the Netherlands. You do not have to go to quarantine if you have been fully vaccinated.


Keep an eye on your airline’s website for up-to-date information. They have the most up-to-date information. The airport has no additional information to share with you and unfortunately we cannot help you with specific questions about your flight.

The gate for your airplane is shown on the screens in the central hall and in the departures hall.

Flight changes will be reported on this website with the arrival and departure times and on teletext page 769. Always check well before departure for any changes for your flight. You are always responsible for being on time for your flight. At the airport, changes will be reported on the screens in the central hall and in the departures hall. In addition, these will be announced.

We advise you to be at the airport two hours in advance

The luggage trolleys are available. These are cleaned beforehand. There is also a possibility to disinfect the baggage carts themselves at the issuing point.

No, you can only pay by card (by use of pin machine) at the Information Shop.

Yes, the tax-free shop is open.

From 1 August 2019, wearing of face-covering garments in schools, healthcare facilities, public transport and government buildings is no longer permitted. (In the media, this is referred to as the so-called ‘burqa ban’). This also includes a full face helmet, balaclava or a niqab.

The airport building is not a government building and this ban does therefore not apply at the airport. Security controls and border controls by the KMar have therefore also not changed. When crossing the border, it will still be determined in the same manner whether a person presenting the passport is indeed the person shown in the passport.

Are you leaving from our airport between April and September with a group of more than 20 persons? Please let us know via our contact form (category groups). We wish to make your departure as comfortable as possible and would like to communicate with you how we can help you to achieve this. Please include in this message the date and time of your flight as well as the number of persons. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Lighting fireworks at the airport is not permitted without written authorization from the operator.

CRO stands for: Regional Consultative Committee.

The CRO meets four times per year and is composed of the following members: administrators and residents of the (sub)municipalities of Rotterdam, Lansingerland, Schiedam and the province of South Holland, representatives of Air Traffic Control the Netherlands, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, airport users and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (competent authority for the Rotterdam airport, agenda-dependent meeting participant).

It is currently forbidden to fly a drone in a (civil) controlled traffic region (CTR). Only small, recreational drones may be used, and only in specially designated areas (in association) with corresponding agreements defined in a covenant. The prohibition is due to the fact that a drone is considered to be an aircraft according to current legislation. This necessitates that both the drone as well as our organization must meet certain requirements. A drone is thus required to maintain two-way radio contact (R/T) and to be equipped with a working transponder. Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) must separate the drone by means of clearances via R/T and must inform other aircraft of the drone’s presence. As long as a drone cannot (yet) meet these requirements and legislation is not yet good enough to implement a proper procedure, then this prohibition will remain in force. There are currently tests being done to see what the possibilities are with respect to R/T and transponders for drones and LVNL is keeping its finger on the pulse of these developments. Of course, we are also contributing ideas for a safe and sustainable solution. Unfortunately, it is not possible to anticipate when this will be achieved.

The private limited company Rotterdam Airport, on behalf of the Public Limited Company Schipol (operator of the designated aerodrome “Rotterdam”) considers that the “Airport Charges Regulation”, that has been in force since 1 April 2008, is in need of revision, as regards Article 36, clause 1 of the Civil Aviation Act;

States: Fees for use by aircraft of the specified aerodrome “Rotterdam The Hague” filed in the “Airport Charges Regulation”. Click here for the landing fees 2022.

At the information desk in the central hall, the hosts are happy to provide you with more tourism information about Rotterdam and The Hague, as well as the surrounding area. At the information desk, you will also find various brochures with tourism information.

It is a common misperception that Rotterdam The Hague Airport does not have any night flights. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is open 24 hours per day and 365 days per year for flight traffic, and has traffic controllers, security and airport fire services available day and night. Between the hours of 23:00 and 07:00, night regulations do apply, so that not all the traffic that may fly during the day is also welcome at night.


Ambulance flights regularly take place for picking up donor organs in Europe. Such flights for the benefit of organ transplantation are naturally very time-bound because organs are only usable for transplant for a very limited time. Transportation by roads is often not an option, given the distances. It also regularly happens that such flights take place to/from Rotterdam The Hague Airport. These flights can thus also be carried out at night.


Further, the night regulations have a number of other exceptions. The most important are:
– delayed flights until 01:00
– business flights (by aircraft with fewer than 20 seats)
– ambulance flights and trauma helicopters
– military and governmental flights
– police and Coast Guard flights
– aircraft with an emergency (1st alternate airport for Schiphol)


The total number of flights between 23:00 and 07:00 varies per year between roughly 500 and 950 flights per year. Most of these take place in the edges of the night, between 23:00-00:00 and 06:00-07:00. Because the trauma helicopter (which is stationed at Rotterdam The Hague Airport) has also been utilised at night since the middle of February last year, this number can be even higher.

Do you not have an OV (public transportation) chip card? Then you can buy a disposable OV chip card from the bus driver or from one of the sales and top-up machines at all metro stations. It is also possible to buy an anonymous OV chip card at the AKO store at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

When travelling via NS (train), it is also possible to check in and out using a contactless debit card, credit card or mobile. This method of payment only applies to travel in second class and without a discount.

When you have lost an item of property or you have found an item, then you can go to the Front Office on the first floor of the airport terminal building. Lost property will be retained here for a maximum of one year. When retrieving your property, valid identification is required. For more information, you can contact the Front Office via telephone number +31 (0)10-4463444.

At the airport, smoking is permitted exclusively at designated locations. Smoking in the airport terminal building and on the platform is strictly forbidden.


Before the security checkpoint:

– Outside, next to the entrance to the airport terminal building
– On the panoramic terrace of the De Horizon restaurant

After the security checkpoint:

– On the terrace next to the bar upstairs

The service desks for all airline companies can be found on the left-hand side of the central hall, across from the check-in desks.

The central hall of Rotterdam The Hague Airport remains open for passengers until the completion of the last flight. The airport will be open again from 03:30 am.

On all the parking lots, both at the entrance and in the parking lot itself, there are multiple installations for baggage trolleys. You can make use of a baggage trolley by inserting a 50–cent (euros) coin. When you return the baggage trolley to one of the installations, in the central hall or in a parking lot, then your coin will be returned.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport has a ‘dog reception area’ for collecting dogs from abroad. This special, animal-friendly space is located next to the airport terminal on the bus stop side. You can collect your dog there with ease.

Reserving your parking space online in advance for one of the parking lots at Rotterdam The Hague Airport is very simple:

1. Click here to go to the parking page
2. Select your starting and ending dates and times.
3. Choose the parking lot where you want to park.
4. Fill in your personal information.
5. Fill in your payment information.
6. Choose your entry method (number plate recognition, reservation code or credit card).
7. Print your reservation confirmation.

You will also receive your reservation confirmation at your indicated e-mail address. Reserving a parking space by telephone is not possible.

We advise travellers to always park their car in one of our official parking lots. You can easily and quickly book via our website. We strongly advise you not to park your vehicle in the residential areas around the airport. Residents of Overschie and Schiebroek, for instance, are inconvenienced as parking spaces are sometimes occupied for long periods. We would like to emphasise that parking spaces in residential areas are intended for residents and not for travellers.

After the finalisation of your reservation, you will receive a confirmation per e-mail. On the confirmation, the booking period and the reservation number are listed. You should take along the confirmation when entering and exiting. If you have not received a reservation confirmation, then we advise you to check in the ‘Unwanted e-mail’ or ‘Spam’ folder in your e-mail programme. If you are unable to locate any confirmation there, then you can request a new confirmation e-mail on our website. For this, go to ‘Manage my reservation’ and select ‘Send my confirmation’.

Why will my number plate be registered?
The number plate registration system is set up in order to increase the security of the parking lots. When exiting, it will namely be checked whether the combination of parking ticket and the number plate are the same as upon entry. When this is not the case, exiting will be blocked. This will prevent someone from being able to leave with your car without the correct parking ticket. In addition, the registration can be used for making a new parking ticket at the service desk when you lose your parking ticket. Administrative costs, which used to be billed, are no longer needed. The number plate registration will also be used when you have made an online reservation for a parking space and have chosen to enter the parking lot by using number plate recognition.

Why is parking more reliable when my number plate is registered?
Your parking ticket or credit card makes a unique combination with your number plate this way, so that your vehicle can only leave the parking lot with the same card that you received when entering or with the credit card that you entered. This prevents theft.

When will my number plate be registered?
As soon as you enter the parking lot at Rotterdam The Hague Airport with your vehicle, your number plate will be registered in our Parking Management System. This is transparent, because your plate number will be printed on your parking ticket upon entry. If you have chosen number plate recognition as the method of entry when making an online reservation, then your plate number will also be registered in our system. You will thus be recognised upon entry, and we can complete your reservation. As soon as you exit, your plate number will be removed from the Parking Management System.

Will my plate number information be stored after I have exited?
When the information from your number plate is no longer needed for the parking, then it will be immediately and completely removed from our system.

What does Rotterdam The Hague Airport do with the number plate information?
The number plate information remains in our Parking Management System until the time of exit, unless there is a reservation by plate number, then the number plate information will be used for the completion and follow-up for the reservation. The information will not be shared with parties other than Rotterdam The Hague Airport, unless we are required to do so on the grounds of a legal requirement. There is also no link with the RDW (Traffic Service).

Will my number plate information be shared with the Tax Service or other institutions?
No, your number plate information will not be shared with the Tax Service or checked by the RDW.

A bicycle shed has been set up on the square in front of the Bel Air Building (next to the airport building). The bicycle shed is public and doesn’t have extra security. There are separate areas for parking motorcycles. These places are located next to the bicycle shed.

You can make a reservation for a parking space from 1 year to 3 hours before departure.

Cars with all heights are able to enter and exit all parking lots at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

We have Kiss & Ride strips close to the airport building. These are accessible for all persons dropping off or picking up travellers.

It is clearly indicated on the airport grounds how and where the Kiss & Ride strips can be reached. Below please find a map indicating where the Kiss & Ride strips are located.

Yes, you can make multiple reservations, even during the same period. You must then, however, select a different entry method per reservation for the parking lot.

No, parking with a trailer in the parking lots of Rotterdam The Hague Airport is not permitted.

In ‘Manage my reservation’, you can change or cancel your reservation yourself. For this, you need your reservation number.


Your reservation can only be changed when the product terms and conditions permit this. In that event, you can change all reservations until 24 hours before departure without incurring additional costs. You can change all the details of your reservation, including the credit card and parking information. You do not pay any change fees. A difference in rates may result. If the tariff is lower, then you will be refunded this amount; if the tariff is higher, then you have to pay the difference.After changing your reservation, you will automatically receive a new confirmation mail with a new reservation number. Please save the confirmation with the most up-to-date information.


Cancelling your reservation is only possible when the product terms and conditions permit this. In that event, you can cancel the reservation until 24 hours before departure. A fee of €5 will be charged for the cancellation. The terms and conditions for the cancellation of your reservation are shown on your reservation confirmation.

During office hours, you can contact us via telephone +31 (0)10 446 34 44 or by e-mail parking@rtha.com. At the payment machines and the entry/exit barriers of the parking lots, there is an intercom installation with which, in the event of calamity, you can make immediate contact with security personnel of Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Designated parking spots for persons with disabilities are available at the P2 car park. If you have a disabled parking permit, then you can use these parking spaces. We request that you clearly display your disabled parking permit behind your wind shield when using these parking spaces. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve these parking spaces in advance.

When you park at this car park, you will be charged the long-term parking rate. This means that you will pay a lower rate than is normally paid for parking at P2. The rates can be found on the following page of our website under the heading ‘P1, P1a or P3’. 

When you return to the airport, you can pay the amount due at the information desk in the central hall upon presenting the arrival ticket, the flight ticket and your disabled parking permit.

You can pay for your online reservation with your credit card (MasterCard, Visa en American Express) or via iDeal.

How do I enter the parking lot?

Access with your credit card:
At the entry barrier, insert your credit card in the parking pillar. The barrier will open automatically when you remove the card. Note: you must not withdraw a parking ticket!

Access with number plate recognition:
When you drive up the entry barrier, the system will recognise your number plate. A parking ticket will come out of the machine, linked to your number plate. Remove the parking ticket from the machine, after which the entry barrier will open.

Access with a reservation code:
At the entry barrier, type in your reservation code on the parking access pillar. Then remove the parking ticket from the machine, after which the entry barrier will open.

How do I leave the parking lot again?

Exiting with a credit card:
When you leave, you insert your credit card in the parking access pillar at the exit barrier. The exit barrier will open automatically when you remove your credit card.

Exiting with number plate recognition or reservation code:
When you leave, you insert your parking ticket in the parking access pillar at the exit barrier. The exit barrier will open automatically when you remove your parking ticket.

What should I do if I am leaving later than reserved?

Reservation with a credit card: When you leave the parking lot, you insert your credit card in the parking access pillar next to the exit barrier. The extra parking fees will automatically be charged.

Reservation with number plate recognition or reservation code: Before you leave, first go with your parking ticket to the payment machine. There, you can pay the outstanding amount with cash, pin card or credit card.

If the signage for a parking lot indicates that it is ‘VOL’ (‘FULL’), then you can park your car in one of the other parking lots. There are always sufficient parking spaces available at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

In “Manage my reservation” you can change or cancel your reservation yourself. You need your reservation number for this.

Directly in front of the airport terminal building in parking lot P2, you will find the payment machines. Here, you can pay with cash, a pin card or a credit card. If you used your credit card when entering the parking lot, then you can insert your credit card when leaving the parking lot in the parking pillar next to the exit barrier.

An emergency passport can be provided in exceptional cases, and under strict conditions, by the Koninklijke Marechaussee (Royal Military Police) at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. For more information about this temporary emergency passport, you can go to the service and information centre of the Koninklijke Marechaussee. This is located right next to the entrance to the airport terminal building. The Koninklijke Marechaussee can also be reached by telephone +31 (0) 10 446 6333.

Yes children of all ages need their own travel documents, and including them in your travel document is no longer possible. The validity of all existing inclusions has expired.

All passengers at Rotterdam The Hague Airport must always have a valid passport or European identity card. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you have these travel documents, and any other documents necessary for access to the country of destination, in your possession. A driver’s licence will not be accepted as a valid travel document.

In accordance with the Schengen Agreement, passport control within Europe was abolished (with the exception of a number of countries), although random checks are possible. A number of countries, including the Netherlands, are signatories to the Schengen Agreement. This means that there will be no passport control between the member countries. If, for example, you travel from the Netherlands to another Schengen country, there is, in principle, no passport control. However, a member country reserves the right at all times to carry out passport checks.

Question not listed? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.