Frequently asked questions

We receive many questions every day from travellers, visitors and neighbours. Therefore, we have collected frequently asked questions and our answers below for your convenience. Is your question not included? Please contact us. We will respond to your question as quickly as possible. At Rotterdam The Hague Airport, you can also go directly to our information desk in the central hall.

  • How do I get to the Rotterdam Central train station?

    When you walk outdoors from the central hall, go immediately to your left. After 50 metres, you will find the bus stops. RET bus line 33 travels to Rotterdam Central Station  and to Metro Station Meijersplein. From Meijersplein station, you can get to Rotterdam Central Station via RandstadRail in 7 minutes, and to The Hague Central Station in 27 minutes.

  • What time does the bus leave?

    For current schedules and the travel planner, see the website of RET

  • Where are the taxis?

    You will find the taxi stand directly in front of the exit from the airport terminal building.

  • How do I get to Rotterdam The Hague Airport by car?

    Rotterdam The Hague Airport is next to the A13 motorway and is indicated with signs on the Rotterdam Ring. Click here for the route planner to the airport from your departure address. Check well before you come to the airport whether there are any road works on your route.