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Frequently asked questions

We advise travellers to always park their car in one of our official parking lots. You can easily and quickly book via our website. We strongly advise you not to park your vehicle in the residential areas around the airport. Residents of Overschie and Schiebroek, for instance, are inconvenienced as parking spaces are sometimes occupied for long periods. We would like to emphasise that parking spaces in residential areas are intended for residents and not for travellers.

After the finalisation of your reservation, you will receive a confirmation per e-mail. On the confirmation, the booking period and the reservation number are listed. You should take along the confirmation when entering and exiting. If you have not received a reservation confirmation, then we advise you to check in the ‘Unwanted e-mail’ or ‘Spam’ folder in your e-mail programme. If you are unable to locate any confirmation there, then you can request a new confirmation e-mail on our website. For this, go to ‘Manage my reservation’ and select ‘Send my confirmation’.

Why will my number plate be registered?
The number plate registration system is set up in order to increase the security of the parking lots. When exiting, it will namely be checked whether the combination of parking ticket and the number plate are the same as upon entry. When this is not the case, exiting will be blocked. This will prevent someone from being able to leave with your car without the correct parking ticket. In addition, the registration can be used for making a new parking ticket at the service desk when you lose your parking ticket. Administrative costs, which used to be billed, are no longer needed. The number plate registration will also be used when you have made an online reservation for a parking space and have chosen to enter the parking lot by using number plate recognition.

Why is parking more reliable when my number plate is registered?
Your parking ticket or credit card makes a unique combination with your number plate this way, so that your vehicle can only leave the parking lot with the same card that you received when entering or with the credit card that you entered. This prevents theft.

When will my number plate be registered?
As soon as you enter the parking lot at Rotterdam The Hague Airport with your vehicle, your number plate will be registered in our Parking Management System. This is transparent, because your plate number will be printed on your parking ticket upon entry. If you have chosen number plate recognition as the method of entry when making an online reservation, then your plate number will also be registered in our system. You will thus be recognised upon entry, and we can complete your reservation. As soon as you exit, your plate number will be removed from the Parking Management System.

Will my plate number information be stored after I have exited?
When the information from your number plate is no longer needed for the parking, then it will be immediately and completely removed from our system.

What does Rotterdam The Hague Airport do with the number plate information?
The number plate information remains in our Parking Management System until the time of exit, unless there is a reservation by plate number, then the number plate information will be used for the completion and follow-up for the reservation. The information will not be shared with parties other than Rotterdam The Hague Airport, unless we are required to do so on the grounds of a legal requirement. There is also no link with the RDW (Traffic Service).

Will my number plate information be shared with the Tax Service or other institutions?
No, your number plate information will not be shared with the Tax Service or checked by the RDW.

A bicycle shed has been set up on the square in front of the Bel Air Building (next to the airport building). The bicycle shed is public and doesn’t have extra security. There are separate areas for parking motorcycles. These places are located next to the bicycle shed.

Cars with all heights are able to enter and exit all parking lots at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

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