Service and information

When you depart from our airport, you can use various services. For example, we have a premium lounge and, in collaboration with Aviapartner, we offer assistance for the disabled. On this page you will also find more information about where you can smoke and what to do if you have lost something at the airport. There is also an information desk in the airport building, where you can go if you have any questions.

In collaboration with Prima Vista – part of Aviapartner – we offer a premium lounge. In this lounge you can enjoy extra comfort and tranquility. There are comfortable workplaces and there is also a catering facility in the premium lounge. The lounge has a capacity of 150 m2 and can welcome 20 guests at a time.

Premium lounge

Opening hours
The lounge is open daily from 5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. If the last flight departs earlier than 7 p.m., the lounge also closes earlier.

How can you make a reservation?
Unfortunately, reservations are not possible. You can, however, send an e-mail in advance to [email protected] for more information. At the airport, it is possible to check on the spot whether there is room. You pay at the door. An  Aviapartner member of staff will be ready to receive you.

Where can you find the premium lounge?
The lounge is located on the first floor in the departure hall. The lounge can be reached both via the lift in the departure hall and via the stairs to the Starbucks (after the security check). We also have signs that direct you to the premium lounge. There are also always employees who can answer your questions, if you cannot find the lounge right away.

How much does access to the premium lounge cost?
The costs for access to the premium lounge are €25 for an adult. Snacks and drinks are included in this price and can be consumed unlimitedly. If you are travelling with British Airways, you have free entry if you are a Business, Silver or Gold passenger.

Smoking in the airport building and on the apron is strictly prohibited. At the airport, you may only smoke at designated locations.


Before the security check
We operate smoke-free zones on the forecourt, and smoking is only allowed outside these zones, at the ashtrays provided.

After the security check
There are no smoking areas in the departure hall. Smoking is allowed on the panorama terrace.

Lost property: lost and found

Have you lost something?
If you have left something at the airport or on the plane, you can easily find your lost item via iLost . More information.

Did you find something?
If you have lost an item of your property, or found an object, you can report to the information desk in the central hall of the airport.

Please note! Collection of  items which have been handed in is only possible from Tuesday to Thursday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the information desk. If you want to pick up an item on another day, you can let us know in advance by e-mail at [email protected]. The object concerned will then be laid out for you at the information desk.

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