Shopping and dining

When you depart from our airport you can make use of several amenities. There are several shops and eating and drinking establishments.


At our airport you will find several shops to buy something before departure or on arrival. In the central hall, before the security checkpoint, you will find the AKO shop and GWK Travelex. These are accessible to everyone. After the security check you can relax in the departure lounge before boarding. Here you can visit the Airportshop and AKO kiosk. Free WiFi is also available.

AKO shop
In the AKO shop you will find a wide range of magazines and books. In addition to Dutch reading material, you will find international newspapers, magazines and books here. The AKO shop stocks other items as well, such as greeting cards, games, gift cards, stationery, tobacco, soft drinks and sweets.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 05:00 – 19:00
Sat & Sun 05:00 – 18:00

GWK Travelex
Do you need foreign currency just before your departure? You can visit the GWK Travelex office for this. Tip! Order your currency online and take advantage of an attractive discount. All currency can be collected within 5 days from the GWK Travelex office at our airport. If you need the currency earlier, please contact the office at 010 – 415 0623.

You can withdraw money from the ATM at our airport. The ATM is available 24 hours per day and can be found at the GWK Travelex office in the transit hall.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 05:30 – 19:00
Sat & Sun 10:00 – 17:00

On public holidays* 10:00 – 17:00
*Easter Monday, King’s Day, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Boxing Day.
Closed on Easter Sunday.

Look for more information on the GWK Travelex website.

Airport shop
You will find a wide range of perfumes, cosmetics, books and souvenirs in the Airport shop.

Opening hours:
05:30 to 20:30

AKO kiosk
Inside the restaurant in the departure hall you will find the AKO kiosk. It offers a wide range of (international) magazines and newspapers and a selection of books. 

Opening hours:
05:30 until the last departing flight

Food and beverages 

Enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner before departure. Or fancy a quick espresso with a croissant? The welcoming restaurant De Horizon and the Illy espresso bar are located in the central hall and are accessible to everyone. There is also a restaurant after the security checkpoint. You can also enjoy a bite to eat and a drink in the adjacent Worldhotel Wings and Brasserie Waalhaven.

Restaurant De Horizon
Restaurant De Horizon is open seven days per week. The panorama terrace is temporarily closed due to the renovations underneath the terrace.

Illy espresso bar
If you want a quick cup of coffee or a croissant before your flight, you can go to the Illy espresso bar in the central hall. 

Brasserie Waalhaven
For a cup of coffee and/or a sandwich coupled with a beautiful view of the runway, we would like to refer you to Brasserie Waalhaven. This is also a great place for plane spotting.

Worldhotel Wings
At the adjacent Worldhotel Wings you can also enjoy a drink and a snack before or after your journey.

The restaurant 
After the security checkpoint you will find the restaurant in the departure hall. It offers a wide variety of freshly baked bread rolls/sandwiches, hot and cold snacks, salads, fresh fruit and hot meals. The restaurant is open from 05:00 to the last departing flight.